35 is the new… 30?

I used to worry about getting old and 35 seemed ancient. Yesterday the love of my life and best friend reached that amazing mark. And the funny (or maybe the scary) thing is, he really doesn’t seem all that old to me. When I think of all that we’ve been through in the 14 years that we’ve known each other, I realize that we have to be getting up there. But 35? Really?

Rather than write something ridiculous and cheesy on Jon’s facebook wall (you know the kind of comment that makes you roll your eyes?), I want to share some of the many things about Jon that I am thankful for. I should warn you, it still might be cheesy, but at least it’s not on facebook, right!?

Jon is a loyal friend. He is an amazing father (Seriously, you should see this man with his 4 crazy sons. It would make your heart melt!). He is a servant. Jon is very wise and knows when to speak. He is authentic and genuine. Jon cares about small things. He cares about big things. He seeks open and honest dialogue with people, no matter their age or beliefs. Jon is funny. And he’s fun. He sees the beauty in the ordinary and recognizes the Maker in it all. Jon is grateful for the blessings in his life and wants to bless others with the gifts he has been given. Jon loves me even when I am being a jerk. Jon desires to use his passions and gifts to serve God. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that he has great knees! 😉

Thank you, Jonny, for sticking by me and for walking with me on this amazing journey. I look forward to seeing where God takes us in the future. (Anywhere with you sounds great to me!)

2 responses

  1. this is beautiful 🙂 I turn 35 in a month-ish… and ya, it just doesn’t seem that old anymore lol

    20/11/2010 at 00:58

    • thanks, Tara. wasn’t it just a couple years ago that we were living on main ladies two?

      21/11/2010 at 22:28

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