Jesse and Matty are turning 2!

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Where does the time go? I can’t believe that it has been 2 years since I could hardly move because I was so hugely pregnant with Jesse and Mattias. But looking at my beautiful babies, I guess I can’t deny that they really aren’t babies any more.

These guys are so different from each other. Seriously, I can’t imagine them being more opposite (Apart from the way they look. I guess one could have blue eyes, one brown; one could have dark hair, one blond… But they really do look so different from each other).

So here it is, Jesse and Matty described in ways they are similar and then by ways they are different:
~ They love to play outside. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t have them begging me to take them to the beach (so they can throw rocks) or to the train park (so they can go down the slide).
~ They love their big brothers. Elijah and Brady are (usually) very good to them, and J & M really love to be with them. On school days, I am constantly being asked to go pick up ‘Jahjah’ and ‘Daydee’.
~ The highlight of their day is the time between supper and bedtime when all the boys play chase with Daddy.
~ They love to colour and to play with cars. Their newest obsessions are trains (Matty loves building the tracks) and monkeys (we have the Curious George movie and Jesse is constantly asking to watch it).
~ Both boys are quite shy with new people. They barely speak when there are other people around.
~ When we go grocery shopping their favourite part is getting to ‘clean up’ (put the groceries on the belt at the check out).
~ At home, they like to help load the washing machine and hang up the wet clothes to dry. They also like to set the table. Jesse’s favourite thing to do is carry the milk – only slightly stressful! – and Matty likes to carry the ‘poons.
~ The most important part of the bedtime routine is the singing. We sing ‘Something about that name’ and other songs that come to mind, mostly ‘Jesus loves me’ and ‘Jesus, what a beautiful name’. They ask for ‘Jesus’ when it’s nap/bed time but don’t like it if I try and sing it any other time.

Now here are some of the ways they are unique:

~ Jesse is small. He is consistently measuring at the 2nd percentile for height and the 25th for weight.
~ Matty is the ‘big’ one. He measures around the 25th percentile for height and the 50th for weight.

~ Jesse doesn’t eat much. Some days it’s a struggle to get him to eat anything other than yogurt and fruit. I guess that’s not too bad!?
~ Matty loves to eat and doesn’t often refuse whatever we offer him. His first sentence, uttered a number of months ago, mind you, was, “I don’t like it” and was said immediately after he was handed his plate of food at supper.

~ Jesse has straight dirty-blond hair that got bleached out in the sun and brown eyes. (I just chopped his hair off, so it is also recently much shorter than Matty’s.) His fingers and feet are short and chubby.
~ Matty’s hair is wavy and a bit darker. His eyes are a darker brown and rimmed with magnificent Brady-esque lashes. His fingers and feet are long and thin.

~ These days Jesse loves to walk on his toes and/or walk backwards. When we walk to get E & B from school, Jesse generally stays close to me and listens when I tell him to stop or to hold my hand.
~ Matty loves to run and can get going pretty fast! He likes to see how far away from me he can get and will rarely hold my hand without being forced to do so.

~ Jesse loves to “play” with Elijah and Brady. He follows them around and does his best to copy everything they do. Right now they are in a Star Wars phase, so that usually means that Jesse gets to be an ewok and carry a stick.
~ Matty loves the big boys, but is more often found playing with cars or blocks while the other 3 play together.

~ Jesse likes to be clothed. He wants to have socks on, a hat on, etc.
~ As soon as Mattias gets up in the morning he is taking off is pyjamas, or begging someone (anyone!) to help him do it. If we let him he would be without clothes 24/7.

~ Even though he is smaller and only 23 minutes older than Matty, Jesse IS the big brother. He bosses Matty around (even as I am typing this I can hear him saying, “No! No! No Matty!”) and he always makes sure Mattias has what he needs. For example, since he began walking, if I am ever giving Jesse a snack, he reaches for a second bowl/cup/candy to give to his little brother. It is so sweet!

~ Jesse loves to line things up and keep things in order. Playing with cars for J means lining them up in a row.
~ Frustratingly enough for Jesse, Matty is more inclined to dump things out and knock things over. Or even better, wait until Jesse’s built a tower and then crash it!

~ J is a dancer (but I use that term loosely!). He likes to move when he hears music.
~ M is a singer. Whether there is music playing (which there usually is) or not, he will often be singing.

~ J is a charmer. He likes to smile and wave – from a distance – to strangers. He is a great hugger. Having his little arms around my neck is one of my favourite things!
~ M is a goof. He loves to make us laugh and will do the same thing again and again if we’ve given him a good reaction. His smile is incredible – another one of my favourite things!


9 responses

  1. Its all true! Awesome catalogue of J and M’s twin-liness Angie!

    17/11/2010 at 14:38

  2. They are soooo cute! Love the new blog. Will add to my google reader now 🙂 I miss you and your thoughtful heart, so glad I can hear some of it here.

    17/11/2010 at 14:42

  3. jonkramer

    You guys have such a great family!
    Also, more legs than I have fingers.

    17/11/2010 at 18:29

  4. Faith

    Yay you have a blog!! I look forward to reading it. Happy birthday to those much anticipated twins.

    18/11/2010 at 00:05

  5. you are wonderful my friend! i love hearing your voice and your heart…give those sweet boys squishy birthday hugs from us 🙂

    18/11/2010 at 17:28

  6. katrina

    happy happy birthday to Jesse and Matty!
    i love the photos – especially the sweet one of them in the buggy hugging each other. so sweet.

    19/11/2010 at 14:20

  7. I love these descriptions:) Happy birthday babies… and congratulations on successfully surviving 2 years with four sons!

    20/11/2010 at 00:49

  8. thanks everyone. it was fun to get it all down on ‘paper’. they are adorable little dudes!

    21/11/2010 at 22:35

  9. Anne Wilma

    You have 4 wonderful boys. It’s been great to get to know them over the last year and a bit. They make us all smile!

    25/11/2010 at 10:49

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