(Not so) Interesting Stuff

Just thought I’d let you know a few things that have been going on around here:

In an effort to ‘go green’ I have been washing my face with oil for the past 3 weeks.

I have also cut down my habit of daily hair washing. For the past 2 weeks I have been washing my hair every other day. When my shampoo runs out I will not buy more. Instead, I will use baking soda and water.

Likewise, I have once again stopped using shampoo on the little dudes. When the big boys run out of shampoo, we will not be replacing it, either.

I am switching from plastic bottles of hand soap and body wash to bars of soap. (Less waste/recycling.)

On a different note, Mattias broke his leg jumping on a trampoline 4 weeks ago today. Next Monday he gets his full leg cast off. He is doing pretty well, limping along with his bright blue leg.

Brady’s eye has (mostly) stopped dripping dirt. For the longest time, his eye (which is quite watery) was dripping dirty tears that would stain his cheek. It still happens on occasion, but it isn’t constant like it was for a while there.


It’s been a while

We’ve had a busy month or so.

There were lots of things going on in December, not the least of which, was Brady’s sixth birthday!

Happy Birthday Brady!

And another valiant attempt at doing a Jesse tree leading up to Christmas day. Maybe by next year I’ll have my act in gear enough to do it all the way to Epiphany. That’s my goal, anyway.

Our first 11 days of advent. I forgot to take a picture on/after Christmas day. (More on the Jesse tree later.)

And of course, Christmas,

Christmas jammies from Grandma & Grandpa Z

which included a visit from Dave and Amy and began very stressfully with a call from the police letting us know they had been in a car accident near Glasgow. Thankfully, Amy ‘only’ had whiplash and a sprained wrist and Dave’s broken back was stable so Jon was able to bring them home on Christmas Eve!

Despite the broken back, Dave was a trooper and we were able to get out and about and see lots of good stuff with them before they headed back home.

It was a wonderfully foggy day at Dunnottar

Saying goodbye in Edinburgh