Getting Settled (September 2009)

Here are some of the things we did in our first month in Aberdeen.

We discovered the Train Park:

We had no idea it would become one of our favourite hangouts!

Peek! Jesse looks through the train

We discovered some strange mini beasts:

You can't tell, but this spider was as big as Brady's palm!

Snail hiding after the boys over-turned a rock

Elijah and Brady started school:

The boys put on brave faces for their first day at Sunnybank Primary School

Walking on a garden wall on the way to school

We explored the city:

Taking the bus for the first time

At Castlegate, where Union and King meet

Walking down Union Street

We played in the North Sea:

Matty loved the sand on his feet

The water was cold, but it was oh so fun to try and beat the waves!

We hung out in our back garden:

The boys on the garden wall

Matty and Jesse loved exploring the back garden. They always stuck close together.

It took some time to get used to hanging laundry. Can you spot the cuties exploring?

We celebrated Jon’s birthday:

Happy Birthday Jon! At Dunnottar Castle

Playing with Keziah and Naomi at the harbour in Stonehaven

Elijah and Brady were very brave and did so well with all the adjustments that came in that first month. By the end of September we were smitten with this fine city and had already settled into a wonderful church (called The Mission) full of very special people.


It All Started As…

A Dream

Then we had some funny pictures taken

On August 31, 2009, when Elijah was 6, Brady was 4, and Jesse and Matty were 9 months old, we said good-bye to our family and friends in Canada and began a 3-part journey: Edmonton to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam to Aberdeen! It was not easy. At all.

(These pictures are deceptive as they were taken on our first flight, when everyone was still in good spirits and sleep was not lacking.)

Finally we saw it! Scotland!

Next thing we knew, we were walking on new streets in our new city.

And it didn’t take long for Aberdeen to steal our hearts.